My Very Last Post on this Blog :(

June 7th 2016

As the title says, yes, the very last post. Ever. Now with this last post I’ve got some things to cover like: how I feel in the very end of this project, what I’ve learned and what I will do with my TED Talk presentation (not in chronological order).

So, when it comes down to the ‘what I’ve learned!’ part I think I learned that when you come up with a law it must be thought through. You cannot just propose a law without thinking it through, it must not have any loop-holes, it cannot oppress an entire community of people and I could make an entire scroll of what it needs but you get my point. These are tricky things, I am certainly not an expert, but I can at least have a good idea of what is right and wrong. I also learned that people will abuse laws and also push their beliefs onto people. This also goes along with the whole ‘ not loop-holes’ and ‘cannot oppress people’ idea. I have found laws that scare me, I only wish that people (people high in the government) would see this and think to themselves ‘is this an awful idea?’.

Next thing I learned was that possibly everything is not in favour of the people, kind of what I thought going into this, there are so many things that prevent people just from living a normal life and it’s sad. I found news reports that just smack these terrible laws to the ground, and they break the laws down really well. I found one on civil forfeiture and it shows what it does to very regular families, it awful honestly. I actually was thinking about putting one of these news reports into my TED Talk to help prove my point. Maybe even two, I’m just not too sure yet.

My TED Talk is going to consist of 3-5 slides about 3-5 laws that I choose, they will be one or two images and I will explain my thoughts on them and a basic run-down of the rules. my top 3 laws to include are:

  1. Civil Forfeiture
  2. Death Penalty ⇐ mixed thoughts on this one

I realised that all of these laws are from the United States… Yikes.

How I feel in the end I think is really how I feel after I present my TED Talk, I feel that my presentation is strong and will be able to explain what research I’ve been doing. My hopes are that this will be one of my strongest presentations this year.


The things that are working well, and the things that are not working so well…

Me the past few weeks XD

May 08th 2016

(The time I spent writing this took place over few weeks, that is why the beginning sounds like I am in April not May)

Well, I’ve been having a swell time! The school play distracted me a lot, I need to get back on track. I have had a wondrous time researching, I’ve found it a bit difficult; nothing I can’t handle! I’ve also been very tired, I’m not too sure why. But, I’ve learned probably the most important thing… MAKE SURE YOU DON’T TRY AND GO OUTSIDE OF THE BOX TOO MUCH. I realised this after talking with my sister about gun control (yeah we sound like fun people to have conversations with), and then it hit me right in the face: “You should compare laws too!”. Wow, I cannot believe I never thought of this yet.

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Quick post about witchcraft.

Okay, okay, so, I found this law in Canada and I’m laughing my head off. It’s false witchcraft! It’s just really funny, I don’t know why  it’s so funny but it is. Can you imagine some guy who believes greatly in witchcraft then gets arrested because his magic wasn’t good enough? I just thought it was funny. But in all honesty you can get arrested for selling false witchcraft or anything like that.

Getting to Know what I’m Doing with The Project


April 4th 2016

The Beginning of My Project

Quick Explanation of my Genius Hour Project: I am researching laws in North America, but I am trying to find more than just laws, I am trying to find laws that are useless, unsafe and/or abused. When I say abused I mean by the people who have control in that law and using to their advantage. I picked this topic because I’ve always had an interest in different types of laws in the world, they can be very straightforward and simple or they could have loop holes in which people could get hurt. I wanted a better idea of how laws also work, like what are the benefits of having the laws put in place? Why are they still in place? Who had the thought to make the law? Important questions that I must answer; if I can find all the information.

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